OntoTrek is a simple ontology terminology viewer that takes advantage of WebGL 3d graph rendering software. We demonstrate a few ontologies to choose from during this beta phase, some easy to load like AGRO and ECOCORE, and some big ones like CLO which can only be rendered by applying filters like “wireframe”, no “labels”, and limiting node depth. Some ontologies demonstrate nice organization under the Basic Formal Ontology (BFO, whose 34 nodes are big, sunny, and always in the same position), and others show an independent streak which may illustrate the difference between reference and application ontologies.

Check it out at https://genepio.org/ontotrek/ and go where no triple has gone before!

Short fly-through of FoodOn draft /src/ontology/foodon-merged.owl file rendered to a depth of 10 levels, 4703 terms out of 31k terms as of Nov 12, 2021.