The GenEpiO Technical working group, composed of ontology and software developers, has the following responsibilities:

  • Establish policies and guidelines to be implemented in ontology, application and website maintenance
  • Maintain technical documentation
  • Maintain GenEpiO ontology files
    • Release Management: Currently there is no formal schedule for GenEpiO releases. Once the versioning/build system is complete, there will be a role for a release manager who is responsible for determining when a draft of GenEpiO is technically ready for publication. Publishing the ontology will consist of compiling all the development ontology’s terms that have a ‘ready for release’ status and synchronizing its Github repository. The release policy will be informed by the OBI policy found here: .
  • Implement term definitions and logic, and solutions for data exchange
  • Developing ontology-driven applications

It is expected that the Technical working group members are familiar with controlled vocabularies, BFO design principles, OBI terms, OWL ontology and formal logic.