The Leadership group ultimately maintains control of the GenEpiO ontology. It is tasked with:

  • Setting limits to the content scope of GenEpiO
  • Defining sub-domains of interest to GenEpiO (see Editorial working group domains)
  • Defining and managing integration projects, e.g. AGROVOC or FoodEx2 integration
  • Defining standards regarding levels of engagement (this document)
  • Managing teleconference agendas, schedules and notes. Currently teleconferences are on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Outreach and Education
  • Managing the membership list and genepio-announce and genepio email lists.

The GenEpiO project arose from the need for standardized vocabulary to be applied in the rapid enteric pathogen sequencing and analysis project. Stemming from this, currently the GenEpiO leadership group consists of IRIDA ontology group people:

  • William Hsiao (BC Centre for Disease Control/UBC, IRIDA Project co-PI, GenEpiO PI))
  • Fiona Brinkman (Simon Fraser University, IRIDA Project PI, GenEpiO co-PI)
  • Emma Griffiths (Simon Fraser University, Ontology Project Co-ordinator)
  • Damion Dooley (UBC, Lead Ontology Software Developer)

New Leadership work group members are being actively recruited. Interested individuals may self-nominate.