Genomic Epidemiology Entity Mart Prototype

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This is a semi-functional prototype for reviewing and downloading GEEM annotated ontology content that enables data specifications to be extracted from curated ontologies. Such specifications can be used to render reports and data entry forms, or to enforce data validation. The GEEM project ultimately aims to interface with existing systems like RedCap to enable standardized, ontology-driven data collection.

To start, select a GEEM-integrated specification resource from the list to work with. This can be an ontology, a shared specification package or one of your own private packages.

Then use the "Browse Specifications" or "Search" menu to see what specifications an ontology or package provides. Choose an item to see how it would be presented as a form or form part. Options are also provided for downloading that specification , or adding parts of it to your shopping list in order to make a new package.

All other tabs focus on the selected resource. Browsing, searching and shopping for terms can only involve one version of an ontology or package at a time.

click to add item and its descendants to shopping cart
click to filter out descendant
see ontology details for item
field requires a value

Here a selected ontology or package specfication can be viewed and downloaded as a full list of entities, their fields, picklists and unit components. This is available in tabular, JSON, and YAM formats, or (soon) as a Microsoft Excel template.

Discussion about a selected ontology term occurs here. One can select a term by browsing or searching, or from the shopping cart.

Click on an item to see its form view. Click on an item's cart to filter or remove it.
item and its descendants are included
descendant is filtered out
Your entity shopping cart is displayed above. You can add its items to a package.